.: Pessimism :.


Hai people..

Currently, I'm working as a Pegawai IT in a manufacturing based company (senang cakap kilang laa.. hehe..) located in Kota Damansara.. it's been a year since i've started working here.. 

Actually, i was hired as a programmer which is to develop an internal system for the company and also to maintain the existing system, but besides programming, hari hari pun nak kene buat support..

Pasal kene buat support tu i takde laa kisah sangat.. even, i'm glad that i can help solving user's problem.. tapi.. hmm.. hari hari pun nak kene hadap user yang fussy make me feel disgusted.. seriously..

fussy user satu hal, yang paling i geram is colleague yang rasa the world is only revolve around her (in a bad way though).. she is soooo pessimist..!! she think everybody hate her and want to harm her.. 

omaagad.. this is the first time i deal dengan orang yang macam ni.. she's toooo paranoid.. how to say ekk.. 

ok camni.. 

die pergi toilet lama (actually takde laa lama sangat, around 5 minutes je pun) then bila die balik dari toilet, tiba tiba die *spark i.. Dia kata Mr K (our manager) tengok die dengan muka masam, sebab die pergi toilet lama, mesti Mr K benci die..

i was like.. what..the..hell.. i don't know why she think someone will hate her sebab die pergi toilet lama..??!! 


itu satu ok.. there's a lot of stories like this.. i just don't understand her.. she's the weirdest person i've ever meet in my entire life.. 

example - i buat ni ni ni. mesti die benci I.. tadi i cakap macam ni ni ni, mesti die terasa dengan i.. tadi i jumpa si polan ni tapi i tak tegur die pun, mesti die benci i... 

every single day.. 

can you feel me.. 

it's not that i hate her.. tapi die punya pelik plus pessimism plus paranoid tak bertempat tu kadang kadang buat i geram campur menyampah.. 

but, i've got to admit laa.. she is a good worker.. die memang cekap dengan kerja die.. tapi.. hmm.. she lack of common sense.. y'know what i meant.. 

ehh.. rasa berdosa pulak mengumpat die dalam blog.. tapi i geram.. blog je la tempat i nak luah geram i.. 

god forgive me please..

enuff mengumpat..

bye people..

*spark = internal chatting system use in my company